Artificial Intelligence technology
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More about Artificial Intelligence Technology

The current market, nevertheless, is faced by several challenges that players will need to overcome so as to survive and compete with the current artificial intelligence technology trend. Even in projects where you are working with others, it’s more about being assigned different facets of the job. The absolute most…

Artificial Intelligence
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How the impact of artificial intelligence affect the environment

Artificial intelligence (AI) is wide-going part of computer science worried about building brilliant machines fit for performing assignments the regularly require human knowledge. Artificial intelligence is an interdisciplinary science with numerous methodologies, yet progressions on the impact of artificial intelligence and profound learning are making a change in perspective in…

Artificial intelligence
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Artificial intelligence: Man & Machine competing or cooperating

Since artificial intelligence has ceased to be just a fashionable slogan and has become a real business resource, fears among employees about the fate of their IT jobs have increased. A recent study by Oracle in cooperation with the Otto Beisheim School of Management has shown that this issue worries…

Data Science
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Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Career! Is it worth it?

Data science and artificial intelligence have been buzzwords. In the past few years, there has been phenomenal growth in data science and artificial intelligence space. According to an IDC (International Data Corporation) report, worldwide spending on AI systems will grow at a CAGR of 38% and reach $79.2 billion in…

AI Training Institute
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100% Best AI Training Institute In Noida, India

The basic idea of AI training is to make human life’s easier. Researchers of AI want to bring in the emotional quotient to the machines along with the general intelligence. And also, the main focus of Artificial Intelligence is to bring in advancement to computer functions associated with human intelligence,…

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Use of AI Algorithms to Scan the Lungs for COVID-19 Signs

Doctors in the city of Wuhan were able to use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to scan the lungs of thousands of patients when COVID-19 was at its height in China. This algorithm in question was developed by Axial AI, analyses CT imagery in seconds. It declares, for example, whether a…

Changing Customer Experience Using AI and Big Data 7
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Changing Customer Experience Using AI and Big Data

Because of AI all the business activities and people’s lifestyles are changing very fast. Every business enterprise is trying to adopt the new technologies and the different uses of the internet. Nowadays the customer services industry has also changed their way of doing business, in other words, it is a…

Fashion Industry Transformation
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5 Ways Fashion Industry Transformation Clings On AI

All over the world, if you want to pick an industry that has always been open to transformation for its own betterment, then it is none other than the fashion industry. We can compare its aggressiveness to evolve with a volcanic eruption. In this fast-moving industry, designers continuously put the…

WordPress Development
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Top 5 Custom WordPress Development Trends to Watch Out

Since, its inception WordPress development has been significantly helping businesses & blogging websites leveraging up their game-changing aptitude by massively populating mesmerizing features & functionalities that are appealing in visual appeals, navigation purposes, and customer engagement trends. With the overall passage of time, Custom WordPress development trends got an edge…

Geospatial Technologies
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7 Emerging Trends of Geospatial Technologies in the World

Geographic Science and technologies have evolved over the last decade and a new revolution is on a roll to transform different aspects of the economy of various countries. This revolution will benefit the world at large in the next decade. As per the report released from the NGAC (National Geospatial…

Land Transport Industry
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4 Land Transport Industry Critical Issues Solutions

The future looks promising, many experts believe that, by the year 2030, the transport industry will completely revolutionize. There will be driver-less cars, commercial drones, software derived real-time instructions, Artificial intelligence manoeuvring ships and many more unprecedented technologies. As of now, companies are extensively working on improving their process. Including…

Digital Literacy Tools
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5 Best Digital Literacy Tools for Children Education

In order to effectively ensure that all students that have access to the internet in their various homes continue to learn their academic works, Facebook has launched a new digital literacy resource for children, parents and teachers. The major objective of the project by Facebook is to “provide quality lessons…