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You can submit sponsored Posts to Advertise with us. Akinpedia is a great website to promote your business, products, services, or startup with a sponsored post that can include images, contact information, etc. This sponsored post will stay on our blog forever as long as Akinpedia exists.

There are many ways to advertise on a website that focuses on technology and career advancement like Akinpedia.

Here are a few options:

  • Display Advertising: You can place banner ads or display ads on our website to promote your product or service. This is a great option for reaching a wide audience and increasing brand awareness.
  • Sponsored Content: You can work with our website to create sponsored content, such as blog posts or videos, that promote your product or service. This can be a great way to provide valuable information to the website’s audience while also promoting your brand.
  • Event promotion: If your website hosts events, such as webinars or conferences, you can sponsor or advertise them to reach a highly targeted audience.
  • Social media: You can reach out to our social media followers by running ads on our social media channels.
  • Affiliate marketing: You can partner with our website to promote your product or service to its audience. Our website will receive a commission for any sales made through its affiliate link.

It’s important to work with our website to understand our audience and tailor your advertising to their interests and needs.

You can contact us to advertise with us using your Sponsored Post(s) which can include

  • Press releases
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Interviews, name it

The cost ranges from $100- $1000 per article and payment is required via PayPal before your post(s) go live on Akinpedia.

Other Advertisement Types We Offer

We are offering different types of Banner Ads that will be strategically placed on different parts of our website to push amazing traffic or awareness of your products and services.

  • Leaderboard Banner Advertisement: The Leaderboard Ad slot is a sure bet when conversion is of great importance for your campaign.
  • Billboard Banner Advertisement (Middle Of Post): One of the largest banner Ads and highly converting
  • Banner Ads slots that sit in the middle of all the site posts. This Ad placement will expose your Banner Ads to Millions of people visiting our website on a monthly basis as your Ads sit in the middle of our Articles, they will definitely want to engage with the Ads.
  • Wide Skyscraper (300×600): This Advertisement will get to sit at the right-hand sidebar of our Website where our user’s eyes are always focused on. We’ll strategically place your Ads where the users browsing our website on PC/Laptop looks every time they need to scroll down or up (the widget area). According to Google search, 90% of users browsing any website on a PC/Laptop tends to put more focus on the right-hand sidebar because of the scroll bar, as such, any Ads placed there gets better conversion than anywhere else.
  • 300×250 Sidebar Banner Advertisement: If you have a product/service and you want to advertise to Desktop/PC users only, or y don’t have a huge budget for Advertisement but still want something that will give you good results. Then this Ads slot is your best. This Advertisement slot is almost the same as the 300×250 In-post Ads but this one only appears either on Desktop or Laptop, unlike that one that appears on both Desktop and Mobile. As I mentioned earlier, this is an ideal Advertisement slot for you if you don’t have a huge budget or you have a campaign that’s only targeted to Desktop/PC users only (If you don’t want Mobile visitors).
  • Mobile Leaderboard (350×100) Advertisement Slot: This Ad slot is one of the most converting Ads on any day and time. As you all know, Mobile is the way forward this decade as a large proportion of people browses the Internet on their Mobile phones while the little traffic left is shared between Tablets and PC. So, Advertising on Mobile is a must if you truly care about conversion and ROI. If you have a Campaign targetting Mobile users only, then consider this Ads format.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to the growth of Akinpedia.

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